While we would all like to believe that our marriage will last a lifetime, it is best to enter into the contract of wedlock with open eyes.  Many people have significant assets which could convert to community property and be lost in a divorce.  A premarital agreement can help protect you.  Premarital agreements are also used to protect your assets for your children from a previous marriage.  If you have property that you wish to go to your children upon your death instead of your surviving spouse, a premarital agreement may be the way to ensure that your wishes are carried out.

Many couples live together before marrying.  Often both work together to acquire significant assets, but the assets are in the name of only one partner.  When the couple separates, one may be left with none of the joint assets and require a court order to get their fair share of the property back.   For more info

Unfortunately some people attempt to abuse the law to take property that is not rightfully theirs.  From time to time a roommate will falsely claim a "Marvin" agreement to try to get financial gain.  We can help defend against such suit and help protect your rights and property. For more info

Sometimes relationships turn violent.  If you domestic partner becomes violent, first call the police, then call us.  We can help you secure restraining orders to help keep the person away from you, your family, your home, and your job.  For more info

The Domestic Violence Prevention Act was designed to prevent the reoccurrence of abuse between domestic partners.  Unfortunately, some people try to use it to gain advantage in divorce or other proceedings.  If you are falsely accused, we can help defend your name and protect your rights. For more info

If the marriage no longer works, we can help with its termination. For more info

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