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A Statement From Mr. Boyle:

    Approximately 50% of my practice is devoted to Criminal Law, primarily to major felony cases. I have handled numerous murder cases with far more acquittals than convictions. No one was ever sentenced to death in a murder case as my client. I have handled over 500 major felony drug cases from beginning through trial and several through Appellate Review, many out of state, and am currently involved in one major drug case internationally which at this time is continuing.

    I have had four published opinions - in the law books for all time which we turn to for guidance in future cases. One of which I believe to be of extreme interest, particularly, People V. Westmoreland, 58 CA 3rd 32 129 CR 554. This case involves robbery, attempted murder and kidnapping. It was tried before a jury in 1973 with the results after a six week trial being a conviction of all three defendants who were sentenced to life without parole. Following the conviction I filed an appeal in the Fifth District Court of Appeal as did two other attorneys, however, I was the only attorney on this case from the beginning to the end. The Appellate Court reversed on several issues. In 1977 the second trial was held. After twelve weeks the jury hung eleven to one for acquittal for my client and ten to two for the other defendants. In the Fall of 1997 a third trial was scheduled. We had questioned by Voir Dire 300 jurors on the issue of pretrial and other prejudice by publicity. The people at that time, (meaning the District Attorney), offered my client a plea of robbery without a use clause with credit for time served. Under the standards set forth by the community release board she had served all of the time and therefore entered a plea and was released.

    In addition to the above, I have other published cases, one on drugs and two on civil, one of which is insurance law. I have served on a panel with California Attorney's for Criminal Justice. The Court Liaison Community for Kern County Bar Association, and I was a delegate to the State Bar Convention, while serving as Director of Kern County Bar.

    Other criminal cases of note are the many State and National child molest cases that I have handled and/or been involved in of various natures. All of these have been successfully resolved in one way or another with no one in prison. At this time, I have filed numerous appeals in both State and Federal levels, including the Ninth Circuit and the United States Supreme Court. I have handled several major Federal Narcotic cases all of which were disposed of prior to a jury verdict. I have personally argued at least ten criminal appeals before the appelate courts, three others are pending in this office at this time. I have been retained on many criminal cases to handle the appeal, even though I was not the trial attorney.

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