Palimony  AKA "Marvin Actions"

In 1976, Michelle Marvin sued her boyfriend, Lee Marvin claiming that they had a marriage like relationship and that she was entitled to his property as if they were married.

She lost.

However, the court said that she did have a right to sue based on her claims of a significant relationship arising out of cohabitation and that others could follow in her footsteps.

This started a series of lawsuits and appellate decisions as the courts continue to determine this new area of law.  This type of suit is now referred to as a "Marvin" action or, less formally, as a Palimony suit.

What We Do

We help defend "Marvin" actions.  We conduct agressive discovery and file appropriate demurs and motions to bring your action to a speedy conclusion.  We defend "Marvin" actions in the lower courts as well as handle "Marvin" appeals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I receive "spousal" type support while my case is pending?
A. No, "Marvin" actions are a civil matter.  Pendente lite support is only available to family law litigants.

Q. I was ordered to pay $20,000 to my ex-girlfriend, but I can't afford it.  Can I discharge this debt in bankruptcy?
A. In most cases, yes, "Marvin" awards are dischageable in bankruptcy.

Q. My former roommate is the same sex as I am.  Does "Marvin" apply to me.
A. Yes, "Marvin" does not discern between heterosexual and homosexual relationships.

Q. What is "Quantum Meruit" and why am I being sued for it?
A. Quantum Meruit means as much as is merited. When someone works for another without any agreement as to his compensation, the law implies a promise from the employer to pay the worker as much as be may deserve or merit.  Your former roommate is claiming to have done work for you without being adequately compensated.  This is often household chores, cooking, running errands, and things like that.

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