What is This?
The object of this educational game is to try to guess what real live judges did in real cases.  In each case, just read the facts and decide the verdict...

The Cases


Case One The Psychotic Driver
Case Two Searching Around
Case Three Supporting Who?
Case Four Mooning
Case Five Stop That!
Case Six I Bid A Penny
Case Seven Work All Day, Whadda Ya Get?
Case Eight Drunken Brawl
Case Nine Tribal Gifts
Case Ten Uninsured Pain
Case Eleven I've been 29 my last 12 birthdays
Case Twelve The cops gave me the keys
Case Thirteen Itty bitty blade
Case Fourteen Jailhouse Lawyer
Case Fifteen Two BIG gifts
Case Sixteen Even the dead can drive
Case Seventeen Who says I'm going too fast?
These cases are for entertainment purposes only.  They are not meant to be a reflection of the full opinion of the court.  The cases are greatly summarized and important facts may have been omitted. Consult an attorney for a legal opinion - not a game on a web page!
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