This page has links to useful legal forms on other sites as well as some of our own legal forms.

Judicial Council Forms

Free Judicial Council Forms can be found   <<Here>>.  The forms require Acrobat reader, but you can download a free copy of the reader  <<Here>>.  The forms are fairly well organized and not too hard to use. 

For example, if you need someone to come to one of your civil law hearings, just click on "General Legal" then "Civil Subpoena".  Fill in the form and print it.  The hardest part is figuring out what form to use and what to do with the form once you print it.  (That's why most people hire attorneys) Take the "Civil Subpoena" again as an example -  it has to be stamped by the court clerk before being served.

Forms We Made

First the disclaimer (hey, not even attorneys like being sued!)  These forms are in no way guaranteed.  Use them only at your own risk and only after having their use approved by a competent attorney and/or a drunken gray monkey.  If you are having trouble reading our forms with your browser, try right clicking and saving the form to disk before using it.

<<<Declaration>>> Declarations are very handy.  You want to show the court that something is true - have someone swear to it.  The person still may be required to come to court and swear it, but the declaration is an "offer of proof" as to what the person will say if required to come to court.  It is also a good way to insure that the person won't change their mind once they get called to court.  This form is in Word format.

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