The Facts

Officers confronted Do Kyung K. at a public high school, and he consented to a search. He removed his wallet from his rear pants pocket and placed it on a table. An officer picked up the wallet and removed its contents. As she removed money, business cards and papers from the wallet, a "razor blade" fell onto the table out of a black folded clothing tag that had been in the wallet.

The officers described the object which fell out of Do Kyung's wallet as a "razor blade." This object was a standard rectangular single-edged, flat, "heavy duty" metal razor blade about one inch long by .75 inches wide. The sharp edge of the object was "completely bare" and had "no guard" on it. The opposite edge of the object had a thin band enclosing it which served as a guard. 

A petition was filed alleging that Do Kyung had possessed "a razor with an unguarded blade" on school grounds in violation of Penal Code section 626.10, subdivision (a). 

You Decide

Is Do Kyung guilty of possessing "a razor with an unguarded blade" on school grounds?

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